Enterprise Risk Management

Risks are everywhere – but it’s the ones you don’t anticipate that can harm your business the most. Through APEX’s risk management consultancy services, we can help you identify and assess risk factors that could potentially affect your investments and operations.

Our team works to develop comprehensive internal risk management solutions, taking all operational, contractual, and commercial factors into consideration – including potential third-party risks. We then create a risk transfer and minimization model, while developing customized insurance solutions to meet each client’s particular requirements.

Our insurance and management consultants will work tirelessly to help you achieve and sustain a competitive edge in your industry. From strategy-setting to operational performance improvement and enterprise risk management, we can help you boost your business, increase customer loyalty, and build up the confidence of your stakeholders.

APEX facilitates a wide variety of enterprise risk management services, including:


  • Providing a framework for developing a comprehensive enterprise risk management (ERM) strategy
  • Identifying risks, opportunities, events, and circumstances relevant to the client’s objectives
  • Thoroughly assessing risks in terms of their likelihood and magnitude (risk mapping)
  • Reviewing risk appetite and conducting self-assessment sessions
  • Determining an appropriate response strategy and monitoring progress
  • Establishing risk policy and procedure manuals, including a risk dictionary
  • Monitoring ERM implementation


By identifying and proactively addressing all potential risks and opportunities, ERM helps protect all your company’s stakeholders, including owners and management, employees, customers, shareholders, regulators, and the greater community.