Ratings Road Map

In the insurance and reinsurance sector, ratings can make or break a provider.

If your company is struggling to navigate the complex world of insurance and reinsurance ratings, APEX can help. Whether you’re looking to make a strong entry onto the international ratings landscape or you’re trying to elevate your existing ratings, APEX provides experienced, proven guidance and support from A to Z.

APEX serves as a trusted partner throughout the entire rating process.

Our team will perform a gap analysis of your organization, creating an action plan and timeline for addressing any potential gaps or issues. This analysis includes a thorough assessment of your company’s:


  • Market share and position
  • Enterprise risk management
  • Investment and returns
  • Technical results
  • Dividend strategy
  • Solvency and capital adequacy


We’ll even help you organize all required data and information into the proper format and presentation, so that you can highlight your company’s performance in an elevated and compelling manner.